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Exclusive Experience AG has a long lasting track record of consulting business owner and entrepreneurs in creating their business strategy.

We have been successful for multinationals and start-ups and enjoy bringing partners from different origins, different size and different locations together to build a better, a more sustainable and innovative Business model.

Our core competences are in Funding, M&A, Partnering, Innovation  and Business-development, other competences are partnered.

Our ventures

Exclusive Experience AG has walked the talk and invested in some start ups in the past, the start ups have to be in our area of interest and comply to a series of conditions.

More often we are engaged in supporting startups in their financing, roll out of the strategy and operational set-up. Our contribution will essential be to help in building relationships.

If you are looking for getting support or are eager to help a start up, contact us, find here the link to our engagements.

Ask us for support in Funding, M&A, Partnering, Innovation and Business-development

About us

Exclusive Experience AG has started in 2007, but was finally incorporated as Ltd company in 2013, the first project was directly related to sustainable development of a service company operating within the digital world and has led to many other investments and support of ventures related to business activities for the good of our planet.

In 2013, Exclusive Experience has invested into micro algae and the micro algae sector is still one of the most active parts of Exclusive Experience AG. The ability to transform this knowledge in winning products for customers has made its proof. The food sector is currently in the transformation we have predicted and followed with various projects, the demand for local and for natural is sky rising.

Projects and innovation that allow for organic and healthy products will outperform those who are just delivering an average product for consumers. The application of micro-algae within cosmetic and pharmaceutical products will improve further exactly for the same reasons. Exclusive Experience AG has a team allowing to address these topics.

Healthcare was at the heart of our founder's values and still is the driving mode of his thought.

To feel fulfilled and happy, you need to be in good health. Good health is the starting point for everything.

You count and rely on seeing your family healthy  -  nutrition, beauty and pharmaceutical products have to guarantee that you can maintain your health or get relief, that is the basic assumption that makes our determination and scope so strong.

Our customers have earned distinction and where selected for development programs and funding, like Masschallenge, Circular Economy, SEVE and many more. Let you inspire by their successes, by our  partner network of universities and our deep knowledge of methodologies, some examples are customer co-creation, execution premium, momentum or blue ocean.


Basel Stadt - Dr. Frank Otto Gombert

Dr. Frank Otto Gombert will receive you in our offices at the Basel University Innovation platform in Allschwil, Basel Land.

Exclusive Experience AG

Gewerbestrasse 24

CH- 4123 Allschwil

Basel Land - Francis Andreas Kurz

Francis Andreas Kurz, MBA INSEAD, will be happy to meet you in Brussels or in our offices at the Basel University Innovation platform in Allschwil, Basel Land 

Exclusive Experience AG

Gewerbestrasse 24

CH-4123 Allschwil